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A new life for your vintage car Replacing the combustion engine with an electric one is not a problem at all, it is possible to install a conversion kit.


How do you transform a traditional car into an electric one?

The basic procedure is as follows:
• removal of existing engine and mechanics
• assembly of electric powertrain and battery
• homologation

When do you turn a traditional car into an electric one?

With a conversion operation it is possible to recover a car that is perhaps still well maintained from the point of view of the bodywork and the passenger compartment but which has reached the end of its life as regards the engine. Or, while still having the opportunity to travel km, it is in an old anti- pollution class and, therefore, is subject to traffic restrictions.

Documentation and approval included

With our workshop specializing in zero-emission conversion of cars, vehicle approval is included.

We also provide the updated registration certificate and all documents in order.

How much does it cost to transform your vintage car into an electric one?

From: 13,500.00 € + VAT

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