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Hi, i’d like to bring to Lausanne, switzerland, do you support On the importaTion? Would you proviDe technical details to engage with local automotive AUTHORITIES to see if the vehicle could be dRiven in switzerland? How long does it take from OrdEr placement until car is finished? Many thanks

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Request ID: xcYuBO
Configurator: Snow Helmet
Product Create your own 500 EV Electric Vintage

User Selections:

  • Base Price0.00
  • COLORS0.00
    • FIAT 697 Ash gray
  • Range37,000.00
    • 10 kW37,000.00
  • Options 12,910.00
    • Whitewall tires460.00
    • Vintage digital instrumentation950.00
    • Eco / boost function300.00
    • Pushbutton panel with nautical keys and USB port500.00
    • Full Led lighting700.00
  • Options 26,500.00
    • Charging socket located behind the logo on the front1,500.00
    • Long sunroof4,000.00
    • Keyless entry, start & stop, central locking and anti-theft1,000.00
Total Price6,500.00

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Customer Details:

Name Ezequiel Valdez Rojas
Phone +41798643484