500 EV Electric Vintage


500 EV Electric Vintage

“Driving a vintage car but with an electric heart, to combine the charm of the 50s with respect for the environment”

Electric Fiat 500: the legendary Italian city car in the EV version.

The Fiat 500 Electric Vintage is the revised version for all models from 1957 to 1975. A captivating
car that has become a style icon, transformed into a fully electric car.

Engine, battery and range

The Fiat 500EV is powered by a 13.5 HP (10kW) engine and can be powered by a 5.5 kW lifepo4 battery pack with a range of 60 km or by a 10 kW lifepo4 battery pack with a range of of 100 Km.

Performance 500EV

  • Acceleration 0 – 50 km/h 6.5 sec
  • Full speed 85 Km/h
  • Average autonomy 60/100 Km

Consumption 500EV

  • Autonomy 100 Km/FM ~
  • Consumption Wh x km 100 Wh/km

* Real consumption without special precautions and semi “fast” driving


As for all electric cars powered by lithium-ion batteries, autonomy is linked to temperatures:
optimal range 23 ° but drops by 30% when it goes below -10 °.

How do you charge the 500EV?

The time required to recharge the 10 kWh battery of the 500EV if using a single-phase alternating
current (AC) connection is approximately 7 hours with a power of 1.3 kW (16A and the 3 kW home
meter is enough).

How much does a Fiat 500EV electric car recharge cost?

To charge the 500EV battery at home with home charing costs about 2 euros. With Enel X
columns, the cost is about 4 euros and you can travel at least 100 km depending on the route and
driving style.

How much does the turnkey 500EV cost excluding options?

500 Electric Vintage Long Range 10 kW: € 34.000 + VAT
500 Electric Vintage Standard Range 5,5 kW: € 30.000 + VAT

* Even with different charging powers for the 500 electric, the charging time does not vary, except for battery
chargers with higher power (available as an option).

Design and optional

  • The Italian aesthetic taste of the 1950s has obviously been preserved.
  • To embellish the aesthetics, the rims with chrome cups and in addition, the following series
    of options are available for your customizations

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